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how to delete an unsaved number from your call log

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First of all, get a spell check for what you type buddy, it's really difficult for me to understand what you are saying. So, try and get better lol. Second, your method won't delete the numbers from the system completely. When you do your method try to type the numbers it will still show again. I tested every method before i came up with my solution. What you are saying is not the solution lol. We all knew how to delete numbers, pal. But unsaved numbers that came up even when you have deleted call logs were the problem. Your solution will only work if you haven't send that number a message or haven't received one from it. In that case, you shouldn't be here searching for the answer on how to delete unsaved numbers as you already did it by just deleting your call logs. What u are saying is just deleting the call logs by serching the number and manually deleting it which still won't work, if u have messaged that number or received one from it. I can't explain this better if you understood, then good. If you haven't then read my post again. Peace. 

Also, remember this was a method for an older version of android. But, even in the newer version of android you have to select the three dots and choose the option show messages and then select the numbers with message icon and not call icon. And then delete them to fully remove the number from the phone system. Your solution is still invalid as it will only delete the numbers from call logs. If you try to put that number in again in the keypad it will still show up. But if you haven't send or received any messages from it. Only and only then it will work. But if that was the case then, you shouldn't have been here on the first place as deleting just the call logs might have solved your problem lol. This all will take a while for you to understand, so take your time. ✌


You can be anywhere in the world and be good in English lol. I don't like what you are implying here, buddy. But as i said it will take a while for you to understand so take your time. I just didn't know you would be so arrogant to agree that you are wrong. Nevermind. Also, after correcting some of spellings, in your edit message. You still got some wrong and the grammar. If you can fake to be a smartass, i think you can figure out how to spell. And Im Indian btw. Did you know we have Samsung in India too? Lol. Where you are from is nothing to do with the potential of this argument but as i said earlier, take your time to understand if you don't, then you know what to do. Im done here, because you're nothing but a waste of my time. 


Next to deleting all calls of the unsaved numbers via "Phone", "Recents, "Search" (I typed prefixes/area codes to select & delete them as efficiently as possible) you also have to delete all messages of the unsaved numbers (listed as "unknown").


The following steps are for a Samsung S9. 


1. Open "Messages" App

2. Click "Search" 🔍 button 

3. Type the phone number's digits until your "unknown" contact's messages pop up

4. Select all of them and then click "Delete" 🗑️


Optionally, you can do the following, to make sure the dialled number is deleted permanently (a "restore" could undelete the messages):


5. Back Up and overwrite your Phone and Message data via

➡️ "Settings"

➡️  "Accounts and Backup" 

➡️ "Backup and Restore" 

➡️ "Backup Data" on Samsung Account 

6. Uncheck all Boxes except "Phone" & "Messages" and click "Back Up" button at the bottom of the screen. 


What is the point of deleting the messages then restoring them, when you can just click on show messages from call logs, then select the unsaved numbers with a message icon under them and then delete. This won't delete the messages but only the unsaved numbers. Don't make the process difficult and longer then it has to be for the people. His method will still make the number pop up on the keypad.

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Ipat144 your method won't delete the unsaved numbers. I just tried this and it doesn't work. Deleting the messages manually won't delete the unsaved numbers from the phone keypad system. Meaning when u dial only 3 digit of the following number, the whole number will pop up. How to prevent that number from popping up on the keypad was my issue. And it got solved by using SFM's method.


After deleting the unsaved numbers from call logs, then find the show messages option and then delete the numbers with a message icon under it and boom! those numbers won't show up in keypad anymore while dialing. YOU DON'T NEED TO DELETE THE MESSAGES. This way you keep all your messages. And even if you delete call logs and messages of that unsaved number, that number will still pop up on the keypad because the phone system has stored the number. Your method will only delete the number from the search bar. Not the keypad. Keypad is where you dial numbers to call. Go ahead try it. Im using an S9 as well pal. The question of this Samsung community was how to delete an unsaved number from call logs. So it doesn't pop up when you dial it on the keypad not in the search bar. I got no more time to waste on people like you lol. But if someone somewhere needs actual help with this try my method, it still works. 

I know it's about the number popping up while using the keypad.
I can only speak for myself that, after deleting the Call Log entirely, the number still kept popping up as "unknown" when dialling its digits in the keypad.

This was due to the fact that the number was still in my messages log (I think it's called "conversations". Sorry for muddling that up, I wrote the steps from memory. I didn't mean offend you 😏)

In any way, I'm pretty sure there are several ways to fix this. I'll try your approach on another number - it does sound neater.

In my case the deletion of the unsaved number from the message log was what did the trick, because it wasn't in the call log anymore. And even a toddler surely knows: what's not there can't be clicked.


@iPat144You didn't offend me, you can't offend me, pal. You can't even use the right emoji for that lol. But i do accept your apology. The fact is that the method you recommended doesn't work for the problem the community asked help for lol. We are here because we have tried deleting the call logs and the messages of the unsaved number, and still couldn't get that number out of our keypad from poping up. And deleting the number from the message logs doesn't delete the number from the call logs. As you said that did the trick for you. If you still have a problem keep looking for your answer coz unlike toddlers you can actually search for an answer. And next time read the problem in details before giving out your opinion on solving it. ✌ And lastly I'll like to make an announcement for everyone, that i won't be replying to anybody's method even if they are wrong. I don't want to waste any more of my time with these counterfeit people. Lol.


[Edit based on feedback]


There are two approaches to remove unsaved numbers, listed as "unknown", from the suggestions that pop up when dialling the phone's keypad.


Option 1:

1. Open "Phone"

2. Click "Recents"

3. Click "Search" and type the first digits of the number 

4. Select & delete all logs of the unsaved contact listed in "Recents". This will delete ALL CALL AND All MESSAGE LOGS of the unassigned number, saved in your "PHONE" and the unknown number doesn't pop up via the keypad


Option 2:

If the unsaved number popping up in your keypad CANNOT be found via searching your phone's "Recents", the logs of the unsaved number are ONLY saved as "Conversations" in "MESSAGES" and can thus not be found via "PHONE". 


To delete those logs, causing the keypad problem:


1. Open "Messages" App

2. Click "Search" button 

3. Type the phone number's digits until your "unknown" contact's conversations are listed 

4. Select all of them and then click "Delete"


OPTIONALLY, you can Back Up your Phone and Message data WITHOUT the unwanted unknown numbers, thus OVERWRITING the data WITH the unwanted unknown numbers. This prevents the numbers from ever popping up in your keypad due to a Restore that still contains the deleted logs. 


1. Open "Settings"

2. In "Accounts and Backup" go to "Backup and Restore", then "Backup Data" on Samsung Account

3. Uncheck all Boxes except "Phone" & "Messages"

4. Click "Back Up" button at the bottom of the screen. 



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