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bluetooth headphones volume problem after S7 oreo update

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Wow, this worked great!  I have been having such problems since the update, and this worked like a charm.  I was so disappointed that I couldn't use my headphones anymore.  I was told to unpair everything I own and re-pair, and that didn't work.  It seemed like nothing would work, but this did!  Thank you so much!

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You can sort the problem out properly by going to:


Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > [three dots in top right corner] > Media volume sync > Off


Hope this helps.


@nurri99 wrote:

After updating my S7 to oreo, I can't lower the volume of my bluetooth headphones (JBL E45BT) (even the lowest volume possible is still way too loud). Before the update everything was just working fine. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? 


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Thank you! This worked nicely for me!
This worked and solved the issue.
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That option helped me! Now finally i can listen to music in my hbq-q32 buds!
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The BT Sync off did it for me too. The Marshall Kilburn suffers from this.



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