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Whatsapp, Viber and Facebook missing from OREO App Permission monitor. Very suspicious. Galaxy S7 Oreo.

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Hi guys, 


In the App Permission Monitor on OREO, Whatsapp, Viber and Facebook messenger are missing from the list. That means I can't monitor their permissions. 


*tinfoil hat time* This means that Whatsapp etc. have hacked their way out of the permission monitor, or they have paid Samsung a nice bit of money so they could stay out of the permission monitor. Because I know they are up to some shady stuff when you're not looking. 


In fact there are a few other apps not showing up on the list, but I am most worried about the above three. 


Any idea why these three apps can't be detected by the permission monitor?



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It is happening to me as well. And Samsung support is suspiciously absent from all these threads. 


People need to raise a fuss about this. 

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Anyway I've sent this information to a few well known Android news sites. Hopefully they'll investigate and write up an article about it.


Seems like it could be a juicy scandal.

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Yes. I'll do the same. The more people who report on it the likelier the media will investigate.
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The Android sites usually have an email address where you can "tip" them about a story. 


Usually down the bottom on the "Contact us" page. 

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