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WhatsApp incoming call - screens remains off on Samsung A50


When my phone is locked and screen is off and I receive a call on WhatsApp, it rings but the screen remains off. How can I make WhatsApp turn on the screen to show the incoming call screen ?

Phone: Samsung GalaxyA50 - SM-A505F/DS
Android: 9
WhatsApp Version 2.19.69

Always On Display is enabled. Disabling it makes no difference.
I have tested the behaviour with Skype, Facebook - these apps DO turn screen on for incoming call.

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Exact same problem here, and it is annoying

Still no solution from anyone... :(

AndrewL Moderator
@Rj_Sunny: Sorry to hear that you're having this issue. To troubleshoot the situation please go to Settings > Apps > Whatsapp > Battery > Allow Background Activity > Back > Notifications > Allow.
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Doesn't work as well.

Thanks for the help but i guess it's an issue with android pie and with whatsapp

Already done, No vein.. :(
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