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Wet but dry


Hi. I've just experienced one of the weirdest things out, I mean "the twiglet zone weird" from out of nowhere my 8+ refused to charge point blank then yesterday morning I woke up and noticed a tear drop on my phone and thought what the hells that. Turns out that while I've been asleep those bloody meddling pixies have yet again been messing with my phone because I certainly haven't been anywhere near any water/moisture/anything liquid looking to put the phone in. I've only literally just got it to go away by putting the smallest piece of kitchen towel into the charger port around the actual connections/pins the best I could and leave it there for a minute or so and was lucky enough to actually see the tear drop disappear off the screen. If anyone else has had any experience similar I'd love to know, don't know if it's just me but my phone has been acting weird every so often for the last few months. As I said "the twiglet zone"

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