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Brought brand new Samsung galaxy s7 edge from giffgaff 10 months ago and now the bottom half of screen is flashing white phone never been dropped nerve been near water not cracked scratched or dented... sent back to giffgaff and they said the warrany won't cover repair and it will be £299.99 *****. ...!!  I paid £570 less than 10 months ago and its not covered? Can somebody tell me WHY ?  I'm a firefighter and on call so need my phone to work please I just bring it in to bristol samsung shop? Cheers dixie

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Have they clarified why it's not covered under the 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty @Dixie ?


This may not help but I'd back up the phone and give a Factory Reset a try. 


If this was my phone I definitely would visit my local Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Location.  They'll know their Hardware and Software better than a Network. 


Look to see if there is a Liquid Damage Indicators (LDI) water sensor visible just to make sure it's not tripped. There maybe one in the SIM card tray. Threse can be tripped by moisture caused by hot conditions etc. It's not always by immersing it in water or being caught in the rain etc. 



Let them look at it. I wouldn't even mention Giff Gaffs advice. 

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