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Video recording audio playback issue

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Hi. When i press record video on my S8 the camera keeps zooming in automatically therefor i lose the video size. I here people saying turn off the stabilisation but this does not fix the issue. The only other thing i have tried is changing the picture size from 4:3 12meg but then i feel i am losing video quality etc.

Any ideas would be grateful but please do not reply if you are guessing rather than knowing the proper answer. Cheers !

The reason the view finder appears to zoom in is because of the aspect ratio of the 12MP picture quality. Video records in 16:9 and the display itself is 18.5:9 so, unfortunately they'll always be some form of crop when recording video; but when watching in the gallery, you will have the full 16:9 video.
So to clarify. the view finder when you press record, cuts the image down to 16:9, but shows it filming in the full 18.5:9 ratio. when viewed in gallery that video will be in 16:9. so you should see more on the left and right than you did while recording.
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