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I am... found your link from the beta server. 

Superuser I
Superuser I

Hi again to all of you. 

It all starts to speed up now. From one user than two users and now many more. 


I'm still trying to figure out how to get it sorted properly. 


Maybe helpful would be if we make instead of one thread couple of additional threads. For example strictly exynos related one an snapdragon related one. 

So  things won't get mixed up.


I would love to get some ideas from you guys.  


Let's build it up together.

In the way we want it!


For a start please post ideas here. 

Please if you start a new thread let us all know about it. 

At the moment  this thread is just an ... hmmm notice board... but let's make it expand together.


Anything you want to let me know but not posing publictly....


That's my email.


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Here hello


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First Poster


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First Poster
I am here suprisingly with same username
Lonely beta tester

Hello there,


Delighted to see you all found us OK.  Do make yourself at home and help yourself to tea, coffee and anything from the fridge.  As long as the Community Team haven't got to them first, there might even be some biscuits in the cupboard.


We will be about if there is anything you need.




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