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Unwanted Upgrade to Android 7.0


I've had my Galaxy S7 for two months and had just got used to Android 6.0.1 which the phone came with. This has been upgraded several time since then but last night a major upgrade that I did not want happened, which takes me to Android 7.0. The look and feel is different and I'm furious. This is rather like the Microsoft Windows 10 free upgrade debacle, and breaks the obvious rule that if something ain't broke it doesn't need fixing. All kinds of settings that I had worked hard to establish were lost and although I have re-entered some I don't know what may yet surprise me in a negative sense. Samsung and Google really ought to realise that people simply want their IT to work and that not all of their users are software developers with Asperger's who enjoy wasting their time on this stuff. And what about all the guff about accessibility? If an OS has to be upgraded at least keep the user interfaces the same!


A couple of hours fiddling leaves me with just the following questions:

1. How does one get rid of the annoying Tip in the phone application? It has a cross on it that I would have thought would enable its prompt removal but it doesn't work.

2. How does one increase the font sizes in the notification that one sees by swiping downwards? I can no longer read this.

3. Can one turn off subsequent upgrades without then not receiving security patches? If not why not?

4. Can this unwanted, unwelcome and to me utterly unnecessary upgrade be downgraded simply?


I have scanned the new manual but there is no detail on these points.


One other thing: accessing the forum was a real trial. Couldn't it be made simpler?


All in all a very bad experience has been delivered!


You must be in a small minority as most people are complaining that the Android 7.0 Nougat release has still not landed on their phone! But if you don't like it then that's your prerogative of course. But personally v7 is a great improvement from Marshmallow, especially in terms of power consumption, security and permissions management. A lot of what Nougat brings is under the hood, so essentially you are not seeing anything too dissimilar to what you had previously. What you are experiencing is Samsung's new UI (known as Grace) which changes many of the things you are complaining of. If you upgrade you will get that too. Samsung has in the past been heavily criticised for it's previous UI (TouchWiz) and a total overhaul was much needed. Again, I love the new UI but that's my personal choice.

You can disable future updates in the settings and normally you would get a prompt to install or cancel. I recommend you at least keep the security patches up to date. I do believe it is possible to roll back to Android 6 but it's a process that would take a detailed tutorial if you are not technically savvy, and I don't think this community forum is the best place. There may be a way that Samsung support could help, so maybe get in touch with them.

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