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Unknown Email Address


Hello everyone 

I have an issue with the callender app on my S8+

When looking at the email accounts listed in the callender there is a strange gmail email address listed and it is connected to one of my genuine gmail addresses.

I can chose not to show the events associated with this unknown email address, but I can't find any way to remove it.

If I choose to show the callender events from this unknown address it fills the callender dates with what looks like green highlighted IP addresses?

Has anyone come across the same issue or could you advise me on how I can remove it completely?

If your able to he'll it will be greatly appreciated.




I just tried to contact Samsung support using the telephone number provided, but after queuing got discontented before any help was offered.
Please could someone from Samsung offer any help via Samsung members.

I still have no idea why this unknown email address has been linked to my main genuine gmail address.

If anyone has any idea how to go about removing this using Samsung callender/ manage Callenders.



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