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Uninstall Android Pie + One UI

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Same here
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I am with you - I need to uninstall this update NOW! I don't even care so much about the design changes but phone DOES NOT WORK anymore the way it did on the last OS. I cannot send MMS anymore - not a single group text or photo has gone through since this stupid update. Plus, I used to get moderately acceptable service (2-3 bars) in my office and now I get a hard ZERO, I need to go outside to connect. How does this happen?! And why hasn't it been fixed yet?! It's been TWO WEEKS since it was released - F'ing fix it or give us the option to revert back to the old OS!

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This pie update sucks. No more easy search in the phone app and can't just record by holding down the capture button in camera app anymore. Have to maually move it to record. What if my little kid does.somethinh cute. Its going tontake me that much longer now to capture it.  SSSSUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKSSSSS

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i agree ,they trasform my device to a 10 years child use interface
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I have many issues to since the pei dowmload.

Notafications don't get when txt come in, multimedia files will only d/l or send only if i have data on on and on......

Hate the new graphics and set up....


WTF when is the patch due?????

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Horrible update. The color schemes are horrible, and I cant read anything in my settings because of the contrasts. I cant remove a theme I applied, and now any them I apply does not change the things I need to change to be able to read it!


The volume function hangs up, I cannot close individual apps and have to close everything at once. This update is beyond ridiculous. Might as well use an iPhone. One of the things that has kept me using Galaxy is the user friendliness of settings and apps. With this update, that is no lo get the case. 

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"No longer the case"

Sam e for me, my amazon iPhone tem indo a caro iPhone.

Almost useless.

When I leave my wifi zone,  at home, the phone turn into a black bar of shiit. Completely unresponsive and useless. 

I cannot even unlock or use.

This Las updates is a ***** as Boeing max software.

I urge to Samsung do something and revert this ***** software. 

Your advice should be to Samsung software developers and engineers that they should do their jobs and ar most TEST ***** software before releasing to people that need this piece of technology to work.
Samsung should pay back for the lost time and problems caused by this completely incompetent version.

I want this update off my phone and I'm p****d there's no way to uninstall it. Feels very Apple products  

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