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Uninstall Android Pie + One UI

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This is my phone to a T after the update. I want to throw this POS in the garbage!!!! I won't be buying another Samsung if this doesn't get corrected soon.

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I'm ready to leave Samsung as well, change ui one or lose just not me but a few others I know who don't like it. 

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The phone is useless after this update. "5 year old designed it" is accurate. Overnight I went from loving Samsung to despising this company after this. You've ruined my phone  wasted my money, and ruined your brand's reputation with millions of people.


aye one UI is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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আমার ফোন samsung a7 2018 update দিছি এখন সেই update কাটতে চায়? ? কিভাবে আমি update কাটতে পারি

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This app seems like creating pop up advertisment... kindly advise how to install it 


i totally agree with you

luckily im a samsung 7edge user, and i still have the old android 8.0.0 + experience 9.0. after uptading my phone to the mentioned version i was really mad about the changes. but after some time i got used to it, plus it brought *some* useful changes. one thing annoys me, the message icon is orange and the whole inside design looks just old. for now i dont even consider getting anything above s7 because i love the feel of touching a real home button, not some weird vibration and a flat screen. im really sad that the old design might never come back. but i can relate to the mentioned problem, because i recently bought my mother a note 9, and it came with an old version. everything was looking just as my s7, except that the messages and gallery icon were changed from orange to blue which was just amazing. just great. however yesterday i did a horrendous mistake, because i set the phone to uptade itself in the night, and in the morning i saw this horrible, disgusting, childish thing. i mean why would you change the great design to something that imitates cheap android phone. also i really like the way you close apps in 8.0 because you slide the window to the side, not up like in iphone. also the way you open two apps in 9.0 is very stupud because you have to hold the icon on the top and then you can pick the option to split screen. in the 8.0 you just click the two rectangle icon next to the cross (which is also used to close the app, very useful) and youre ready to go. much faster, much easier. right now im considering sending the phone back, and asking for a diffrent one, hopefully not updated yet.

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Hi all. In My case after updating all my Note 8 sensors not working + GPS..I have to clear data n cache on One UI Home to make it work. But the errors comes again within 2 days. So have to clear data n cache on One UI again to make it work again. 

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