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Uninstall Android Pie + One UI

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data not working for me either after update....think i am on 2g when trying to use data
works good on wi fi though....hoping for an update for fixing data bug
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Couldn't agree more. The design is so horrible, I had to find ANY theme just to use the phone. 


The Recent App, and the Camera is now at the low level of the iPhone. Functions are bad, and makes it harder to use. 

Don't put 5year old iPhone ui designer to design a phone ui!


One ui states that everything should be easier, and removes unnessesary *****. Then why is every app now with a huge top info? 


Samsung has made several bad moves the recent years, and this one ui has done it for me. As a Samsung user with every phone since the S2, it's sad to see how bad they've become. 


This S9+ will be mosy likely be my last Samsung, unless they give us back options to choose.



Hi, I just wanted to acknowledge your post - I feel for You. I feel exactly the same.
I too have had to purchase a new theme just to use the phone. Just using SMS's alone is so awkward, and access for my Contacts (let alone the camera changes) have really effected my enjoyment of my phone.

I paid over $ 1000.00 Australian Dollars for my phone (if not more with the case etc). So, I feel the company should be at least acknowledging these posts. However, there seems to be no interaction from Samsung to any of our posts as yet.

Q: Does anyone know if Samsung can see all this feedback?

Yes they surely see all the posts - it's on Samsung's official website - but they never provide any kind of support.

In all my life as a tech user, I have never seen a company give so little f**** as Samsung does with its customers.


I am done and through with Samsung after only 1 phone. Will never be a customer to there bullies with dumb developers ever again.

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Agree on all fronts.

I want this toddler UI off my phone or I'm switching to an iPhone. What designer approved this garbage 


Not that bad cmon!!! ppl hate change in 6 months you'll go back to oreo and hate it 

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It's not Samsung's fault. I love samsung, their devices are strong, yet priced modestly, and are fast. I agree with you thought. My mom and dad and me all have Galaxy S8s. My mom and dad updated, and once I saw what it was, I disabled auto update, and did not update. Maybe there is a theme or model that will make the UI at least resemble Nougat. I too wish they would of stuck with Android Nougat, and just updated it instead of switching to Android Pie. However, I am not switching brands. The last two LG phones I had were complete garbage. I'm never even considering Apple, and Google's phones are not durable enough. After the many terrible experiences I've had with other phones and tablets, I wouldn't recommend anyone but Samsung. Even Samsung's budget devices are better than most other electronic companies premium phones. After seeing how garbage all the other companies are, and then using Samsung, I'm never switching back. I've had a Samsung tablet for over 3 years, and yeah, it's slow, which is to be expected by older electronics, but unlike other old electronics, it doesn't have terrible battery life, never freezes, even though it's slow and the storage is almost full, and it's not cracked, even though its fallen and been dropped at least half a dozen times. Meanwhile, threw my LG Tribue 5 once, and it shattered really bad, even though crashing into and breaking a thin plastic container when it impacted (as in, not impacting hard), not to mention before, it had bad battery life, and was slow as garbage, even though it was only 2 years old. And on top of that, the LCD went out a week later. So it wasn't bad enough that my phone was cracked so bad I could barely read the display, but it had to stop working entirely. Then, after about 3 months without a phone I get another LG (Big Mistake). It was an LG Tribute Dynasty. But, I had to GET ANOTHER PHONE because that one sucked. It had TEREIBLE battery life; it sat on the charger like all day, and sometimes would get to the point where I had to shut it down to even get it to charge, and then sometimes it would even charge then. And that wouldn't have been so bad, if it wasn't slow as garbage, and sometimes wouldn't revive my calls or texts. But I'm getting revenge, as it's now in it's own personal hell, because my sister has the same phone, and her Micro USB port is broken, so now it gets to do what it hates the most for the rest of its life: charge batteries. Until my sister gets a real (Samsung) phone, then I can just throw it into an incinerator, an make it into a far more useful block of silicon. Also, before my parents and i got new phones, they had Samsung Galaxy S5s. They had thos about 5 years, and despite being dropped more than a dozen times, their screens are not shattered. And they still have decent speed and battery life, for their age. Me and my parents even made a new rule: its gotta be Samsung, unless it's a PC, then its gotta be HP, but that part is for another story. We also have a Samsung home theater system, which is about 7-8 years old, and it was acting up, but I cleaned the IR Laser's lense, and now its working properly. Samsung's electronics always feel premium, without costing a premium. They also have very good longevity, and dont degrade quickly. Before I end this rant, I just want to say I am not sponsored by Samsung (although I'd love to be), this is just my genuine opinion of them. It also the little things, like new ringtones for each model, giving each phone it's own sound, that when you hear someone calling, you can be like "Hey, he's got a Galaxy J6", or "hey look, she has an S8, just like me!". I'm never getting another phone or tablet that's not Samsung. No more garbage electronics allowed


I'm glad it works for you, but I disagree on the part that it's not Samsung's fault.

As a propietary brand who consistently makes heavy modifications of the standard Android system, if one version of Android is so bad I DEMAND that they fix it by themselves, given the size of this company and the price of the phones (which I disagree are not in the higher range as you seem to imply).

I completely agree with you, I will never get Apple in my life because the iPhonies and Apple itself are just major clowns.

BUT, I would take a mediocre phone with great customer support over a good phone with the absolutely appalling, ridiculous, inexistent customer support Samsung has.



Any word on how to fix the battery drain because of this update?  My phone used to last 2 days without recharging, and now it's at 50% in 4 hours!!! Any advice on what the cause of this is?  Maybe I can sell it, buy the same phone (which I love by the way) and then NOT DO THE UPDATE!!!  


Way to go :(

What a great idea! I totally agree. Q: Has anyone identified what the drain is? Has Samsung said anything??
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