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Unable to turn off vibrate for notifications when phone sound is off (vibrate)

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E.g. Galaxy A6 has no vibrate intensity.


But it seems Sound and Vibration - Sound Mode. There you nicely switch from Vibration to Mute.


BUT, the issue is - when you use ring volume slider to put back on sound with volume you like a then you swipe back to left for no spound again, it ignores you want mute and goes for vibration instead. F*ck, i would save myself ton of time and lots of nerves knowing this behavior on my A6.


So now my trick (as on A6 there is no vibration intensity setting, nor you cannot turn it off in Accessibility settings), I've set my default volume keys slider to media, not to accidentally move it and have open settings on sound mode all the time to easily switch from sound to mute and back. In some cases i may use DnD, but on A6 it is not too user friendly.


Yaa it's definitely annoying. I've always hated vibration.... so am I forced to silent my phone ALL THE TIME?


I use the do not disturb lol, apart from family calls. 

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