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Unable to set lock screen pin

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I have a galaxy s8 and this morning I was unable to unlock my phone with my pin. Fingerprint worked but I couldn't reset my pin. This would be ok until the phone needed a restart and I wouldn't be able to use my fingerprint.

To remove the old pin I used the unlock feature in findmyphone but now I'm unable to set a new pin, password or pattern. When I set a pin the message "pin backed up" shows but the lock screen type doesn't change from none and it's the same for pattern and password.


Also when the phone restarts it now asks for a password which I do not know.

Can anyone help? Currently the only way to access my phone after a restart is to use findmyphone which isn't feasible long term.

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I would suggest to visit a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre for assistance @Davidcurran 


I wouldn't want to try and guide you and inadvertently leave you with a phone you can't access.



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Cheers for getting to this one, BandOfBrothers. 


@Davidcurran , Any joy with what BandOfBrothers suggested? And did this happen after a software update?


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It happened exactly the same with me. The pin to unlock the screen didn't work and only was able to unlock it with fingerprint and had to use the find my phone to reset the password. Now I can't enable the password to lock the screen again.

 @Davidcurran, were you able to solve this issue?


I woke up to the same exact problem. It just doesn't make any sense. I tried to unlock it using find my phone, but then still I cannot reset my PIN. Please do something about it.

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same here.. any luck on finding the solution aside of going to service center?

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Hi everyone, been struggling to get in so ended up making a new account.


You need to clear some certificates. 


Settings > biometrics > other settings > clear credentials


This worked for me but as always YMMV and take backups if possible

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For those who still has this problem (pin backed up), just restart your phone, set up your new pin, it'll be good to go. I dont know about Davidcurran, maybe it's case to case basis? But it worked on my aunt's s8.

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