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Unable to get iphone message

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I have a Samsung s6 mobile phone (I'm not big on phones) recently my phone does not get messages from my husband's iphone7. And if I text him the texts do not shows up in my log. He has tried everything even contacted his network provider but nothing works. It is only his phone that does this I have checked that I haven't blocked him and have done all the troubleshooting bits that I can find on the net. Any ideas?

AndrewL Moderator
@mgibbons: Have you recently moved from iPhone to Android? If so then please log in to your icloud account and de-register from iMessage and FaceTime, as this can cause issues when receiving SMS and MMS messages from other iPhones. If this isn't applicable, please try enabling Mobile Data on your S6 to allow for an MMS messages to be sent and received.

If the problem persists, can you confirm if you are still able to receive calls from your husbands number?
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