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USB connection with pc does not work after software update on S6

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I allowed a software update on Wednesday and now the screen mirroring won't work with my Samsung smart tv so I want to reset to factory settings but  the usb connection won't workwith my laptop so I can download my photos. I've added smart switch to the laptop but that won't connect to the phone now because the usb connect isn't working.

Any suggestions please?

Superuser I
Superuser I

Backup your photo's via the phone to your samsung account or a cloud service?

AntS Moderator

Hi @TaraBara.


Any joy with what Bades1978 suggested?


Also, have you checked that your phone is in MTP mode? When connected by USB, pull down Notifications from the top, expand by 'Edit' or the arrow on the top right, and then look for what it's connected as by USB. If it's not 'MTP', then click into it and select 'MTP'.


If there's no joy with that, then try a different cable or USB port on your computer.


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