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Turn off location causes secure folder to come up

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When I tap the location icon in the status bar to turn it off, before it does turn off secure folder appears and requires me to verify identity. This is followed by a message saying there is no location access for all apps. Additionally, if I tap the secure folder icon to turn it on or off, it dies not ask to verify identity -not secure then is it.



I have been having similar issues to you regarding secure folder I've also been having it with Samsung pass as well.

One thing I have noticed though it mostly happens when I have medium power setting enabled but it is still frustrating so much so that I've started using Google chrome instead cos some times Samsung pass and folder would not let me in to update the password.And as for secure folder

I went to  check my location to see  what  my  Google fit 2 has logged and when I press manage activities to see were I've been the secure folder screen will pop up 

And I have nothing in there only the apps that come with it as I have only just set it up.

whilst i am here I spent 2 hours on live chat last week and got a remote booking for Friday between 3 and 5 pm and never received a call which I am not happy about I thought Samsung had good customer service but I've yet to experience it

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