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Transferring data through cable from A3 to A5

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Hey clever people,
I would like to transfer information from my old phone (Samsung A3) to new phone (Samsung A5). The Samsung website says I can do it using the USB cable. The cable has 1 end that fits on my Samsung A5, and the other end is a USB plug. Obviously, a USB plug doesn't fit in my Samsung A3! :/ The instructions seem so simple...but *****?!?!? HOW can this cable connect the two phones? Am I being super dumb? Thanks.

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To use the cable method you'll need a specific connecter as well as the data cable.

Other options such as SmartSwitch are explained in this Link >

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Transferring data through cable from A3 to A5 is easy. You just need to connect them to computer, here I sugget you using pro Phone Transfer program. With its help, you can directly transfer data like app,contacts,sms,music,photos,videos,books,call logs between them. 

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