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Transfer contacts from windows phone


Before getting my Note 8 I saw somewhere how easy it was to transfer my contacts from my Windows phone to my new Android now I have it I can't find how to do it???

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Superuser I

Personally i used gmail to move my contact's @Willmls


There are tutorials such as >





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Actually, you can try phone transfer tool to help you transfer contacts from windows phone to Samsung galaxy note 8 easily. With its help, all contacts will be scanned out, then you can transfer them easily. And you can also use Google Account to do the contacts transfer. 


To successfully transfer contacts from Windows Phone to Android phone, the most efficient way is to ask for a professional phone to phone transfer program. Sophisticated enough, the Mobile Phone Data Transfer software would be the fittest one among all other software.

Apart from the functions to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to Android, music, videos and photos can be extracted between these two types of smart phones. More than that, other smart phones which run on the iOS, Symbian and BlackBerry operating platforms can be supported by this software as well.


The easiest way is to use MobiKin Transfer for Mobile, an application that can be installed on both phones. The only requirement is that you connect those phones to the same computer.

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