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The Suggestions & Ideas Thread

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How about not screwing us S8 and Tab S3 owners over and give us project treble support.


I paid a premium price, I expect a premium service. If not, no more samsung for me from now on. Greedy.

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How do you get it to back to nougat. I really don't like Oreo. Thanks

Perhaps you might be able to help me.

I would like to post a topic regarding my Gear Fit 2.  I inadvertantly posted to the US community board in error and was directed here.

For some reason I am not able to start a topic on this board, the start topic button is not available to me.

I have removed all previous logins and cookies in case this caused an issue with my location.

Any suggestions about how I can rectify this issue would be appreciated.


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Is there a messages for Web option on the s7 galaxy? I.E. Via scanning a QR code? 

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Hi I use Samsung health to track my food intake and find that there is lots that don't exist is it not possible to add a barcode scanner to it like my Fitness Pal has ?? Would save a lot of time adding food 

A night clock, a programmable aod clock that sits on the edge of the screen and shows battery procentage and alarm.
Much apreaciated.


Got another one . . 


Software request


Since Samsung’s 'Good Lock 2018' has been made available to markets outside of Korea, I've been able to install it properly (as opposed to side loading it from another site . . it's a great customisation tool for any of you who haven't tried it)


Feature Request:  to add the ability to change the default colour of the drop down notifications as well (at the moment you are able to change the quick tools panel to whatever you like . .  so it would be nice to be able to change the notifications as well, including transparency) . .  see attached:


Screenshot_20180627-164320_Samsung Experience Home.jpg



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Apologies if this has been requested before, but I have just purchased a new 432 TV, UE43NU7400, and am disapointed to see it does not come with Freeview Play, not can I find it in the Smart App store. Is this an App Samsung are going to supply, as all the other TVs I looked at certainly had it preinstalled? 


Feature request


Gear S3 frontier


To be able to configure bezel rotation for which way the next screen rotates into view. 


At the moment you rotate the bezel clockwise to bring the app shortcuts up. . Could we have an option to rotate counter clockwise instead. . .it's just I find it counter intuitive to rotate right and then have the screen image traveling left to right.. .. (I'm also one of those people who invert their y axis on game controllers) 😁


Could Samsung, create a Tap2Wake App for the Galaxy s7? Since it was updated to Oreo 8.0, there is no way for third-party apps to work properly.



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