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Superuser I
Superuser I

@Hannah27 wrote:
I didnt know you could turn off 'fast charge'.
Can you turn it off on a A3 2017?

According to the Moderator on the following thread your model of Samsung Phone does not support fast charging @Hannah27





Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 10+ 5G _256Gb > Model: SM-N976B._ Samsung One Ui 2.0 / Android 10.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch
Samsung Galaxy Tab A {2016}SM-T580

Superuser I
Superuser I

@BandOfBrothers wrote:

@Hannah27 wrote:
I didnt know you could turn off 'fast charge'.
Can you turn it off on a A3 2017?

According to the Moderator on the following thread your model of Samsung Phone does not support fast charging @Hannah27





I have this phone and it doesn't have fast charging, it does have the 2.0 USB charger and basically you don't have a specific way of putting the charger in the phone anymore. 


Hi me again . .


More suggestions . .


All software related.


First one: Samsung email client.


Basically it would be nice to be able to choose which direction you can swipe to delete,  I often get caught out swiping the wrong way when switching between inbox (by google) and samsungs email application, which work in opposite directions . .


Next one: Gear S3


At night when I wear my watch to bed (for sleep tracking) I switch the watch to 'air plane mode' and switch on 'do not disturb' (so the watch doesn't wake up with wrist movements to save battery) but I then have to dive down into settings to also turn off the bezel wake up action (again to stop any unintentional activations) . .  it would be better if you were able to turn the bezel wake up feature off from the pull down settings screen (where airplane mode and do not disturb are found) . .


Last one (for now)


To be able to customise the led notification light for other applications /  notifications (colour, speed, intensity etc)


Basically I have to rely on a 3rd party app (Light Flow) to be able to achieve this, you would've thought Samsung would have this type of feature for there own hardware before now? (the ability to pluse the led would be nice too, not just on and off)


Cheers for now!



Here's an idea,


How about supplying the same security/firmware updates to UK Galaxy Note 8 owners that you have supplied to just about every other phone you manufacture to every other owner on the planet?


Or is there some other reason, that you are hiding behind your T&C's?

AntS Moderator

Cheers, guys. I've forwarded your ideas/suggestions, and will let you know the outcomes. :robothappy:


@M-o-r-g: I've been advised that it's a no-go for an official customisation of the LED, due to the current specific system requirements of what it's used for in the most recent devices.


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Hi @Ants
Re led notification

That sounds to me like "we're using it for what we're using it for and nothing else" it's not a system limitation if a 3rd party bit of software can control it. . .not trying to sound ungrateful for putting these suggestions forward, merely frustrated that Samsung could make a good native launcher if it took on-board really useful features that other launchers have.

Another suggestion (which will no doubt not be implemented)

To be able to have unread counts on other apps . . we have on other launchers. . Nova for instance (tesla unread).

First Poster
'Selective Focus' camera mode on Note 8 is not available anymore. Really want this mode back and I'm not alone! What's the problem to use on Note 8?

Some things regarding the Gear S3

1. suppose you are disconnected from the phone (completely); upon reconnection it would be nice to be notified of any notifications that arrived in the mean time on the phone (even a generic "you have missed notifications").

(this happens to me at work, when I move away from my desk)

2. you always see the last notification; a history of them would be useful (there are 3rd party apps for some things)

3. custom vibration patterns for different notifications: now, if you are walking, you don't know from the vibration if a message arrives or if SHealth is giving a reward. The former are IMO more important than the latter. A different pattern for e.g. SHealth and others would already be a start, but ideally it could be that you select the pattern for each app that you allow to send notifications. (in cold winter weather, with the watch tucked under a sweater, jacket and then some gloves, quickly checking the watch is not straight forward, so knowning when it is something that may be of interest without having to look at it is helpful :-))

4. Support for WPA-Enterprise authentication

5. in SHealth: download the track of a run or walk

6. in SHealth: an activity that just tracks position/pressure/altitude without necessary being a health activity (and combined with 5.), so you can use it as a gps logger.

7. Some apps/widgets use position information, but cannot take it from the watch.  I think the use of "current location" in the weather widget and sunrise/sunset times require the location function from the phone (why not from the watch?), it would be nicer if it were more standalone. If not, at least a more clear specification when the gps of the phone is needed and when the gps of the watch can be used.

8. intergration with the Gear 360 action camera (use the watch as a user interface for it, no phone needed)


Lastly, the necessary software for the Gear S3 is quite big, to the point that I'm now looking for a new phone (8 GB just does not cut it - not such a big deal, the current phone was rather low-end). It would be nice if it could be moved to an SD card (though I can understand that there are performance reasons why this might not be possible)...


I'm also missing a bit of apps related to the GPS: The "HereWeGo" app does not show up in my Galaxy app store and third party apps are limited. Don't get me wrong, I really like the Gear S3 and I am aware that in other platforms where there are many apps there are many useless apps (so the number of available apps is not really a criterion), but it sometimes feels that the available software is lagging behind on the hardware.




how about a built in digital radio ?
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hi can anybody help me with my j7 pro camera? why does it have no insta share?

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