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Please produce a range of smaller phones. I miss the genuine mini versions of the flasgship S Series - Even though they were usually stripped of some spec items.

Ive previouslyt had the s3 mini, s4 mini and S5 mini.  Annoyingly they got progressively bigger and now dont exist at all. I'm now using a A3(2017) but its still bigger than I would like.

Iphone have the SE which has sold well - Samsung really need to keep up. I guarantee a range of Samsung minis would capture a market thats been left behind in last 10 years. 

I was hoping this huge range of new A series models would include something with  5" screen (or less!) - but sadly I was let down.


Suggestion 1


This might be an android thing but since getting a full screen phone it seems more obvious, basically dragging down the quick access panel the information normally found at the top of the screen also pulls down leaving a blank bar at the top. . (This could be a goodlock modification?)


Screen shot


Second suggestion 


I'm sure the Good Lock people are working on this, but thought I'd mention it anyway.  

Edge light option for infinity o  centre hole displays (like they do for side hole screens)


Bixby alarm geographical location for information supplied should be separate to the voice choice setting. I love in the UK and I've found out I can get UK news and weather by using a British English voice however  I find the English voices jarring and don't want to wake up to them. I find the American voice soothing and pleasant but she tells me stuff about America which I don't need to know. Can you sort it?

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How about a list of working and upcoming DeX laptop docks?



  1. using a Pi-Top V2 - clamshell
  2. Touchscreen display and Bluetooth keyboard - effective a 2-in-1
  3. HP Lapdock for HP Elite X3

On their way:


  1.  Mirabook
  2.  NextDock 2
  3. Colorii Dock


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I think the Samsung notes app should have file sorting system (like files that can have other files in it) as it would make it easier to use when studying by organising my modules, assignments and such. Also within the samsung notes app, it would be good to have more page layouts for notetaking compared to having just lines or squares and then be able to change the layouts within the actual note rather than going to the settings. 

I use a samsung galaxy tab s6 for studying at university so it would be really handy to have these features compared to using other apps on android that don't run as well. On iOS, the note taking apps tend to work better than on android so a good notes app for my samsung device would be great! 

Thank you

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