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The 8's android & one UI mythical updates


Hi to who it concerns or just plainly interested in. I've just had a reply off Samsung, well the horses mouth about certain rumours flying around the net. Plenty of people are asking if the S8/S8+ are getting the android 10.0 & the one UI 2.0 updates and there's plenty of us out there who know their 8's can easily handle the said updates but literally a few minutes ago had this reply from Samsung.




Screenshot_20191205-190105_Samsung Members.jpg

Like me there'll be many people disappointed with the reply as I find it a bit of a scam to give flagship phones only 2 main updates as it keeps the general public who want the latest phones on their toes to keep buying the latest and greatest. I've still got my "old" S7+ and that'd still give half the latest phones a run for their money. Anyway thought I'd give you the latest official update on the 8's. Cheers

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I agree that's kind of disappointing @ttwa666 


That confirms what is being advised via the Samsung Members App and the schedule for the update.Screenshot_20191206-052401_Samsung Members.jpg



I've used the s8 and it's a powerful phone that should be easily able to handle this update.


My partner still uses the s8 and she loves it.


In my opinion this is only going to push some to download a Custom Rom which can bring it's own set of possible issues if not done correctly  !


On balance others will just be oblivious to firmware updates and carry on as usual.


The good news from your Samsung reply is that Security Updates and mild firmware updates are still being pushed out.



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plz help me

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