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Static on phone call (without headset)

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I keep hearing static on my phone calls (S8+) whether I use a bluetooth/wired headset or not. The person I am speaking with states that they can't hear the static and can hear me just fine but I can't hear them clearly. It doesn't matter if I am speaking, the other person is speaking, or if no one is speaking.....the static is still present. My mobile carrier states it is not due to something on their end. My husband has an S8 and he hasn't experienced any static on his phone calls. I tried resetting the phone back to factory settings but am still having the same problem. There is nothing that I can think of that would interfere with the signal (nothing new nor out of the ordinary) and it doesn't matter where I go...I still hear static. Sometimes it is really bad and other times it is minimal. I bought the phone a month ago from Best Buy (brand new & unlocked) so it is really frustrating. Any suggestions on what I could do to resolve this issue? Thanks!

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Hi @CandiCrush


As a process of elimination to rule out the phone or sim card that may be at issue can you please try your Sim Card in another phone and another sim card in your phone. 


Sometimes SIM cards degrade causing issues to which your network can perform a Sim Swap to replace it. 


A Samsung Service Location or Samsung Experience Store can run a diagnostic on the device. 


Check with Best Buy on what they can do in regards to this i.e. Swapping the phone out etc. 

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I will try that and post an update. Thanks a lot.
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