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Specific SIM rejection

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I don't know where else to go with this so I'm hoping someone can help me.


My missus 2 year contract with THREE came to an end and I took her phone as she upgraded. I then took out a SIM only deal with Voda and aquired my PAC code as I wanted to keep my number. 


It is a Samsung Galaxy S8 and all of a sudden my phone has stopped allowing me to dial/receive calls. I am still connected to the internet and I can send/receive texts. Everyone else's SIM works in this phone it just seems to be mine.


I have took my SIM out and put it in another phone and it works fine it just seems to be my SIM in this phone. I have also been to Vodafone and got a brand new SIM and also done a factory reset on the phone and nothing works. I have spoken to Voda and they are saying that nothing is wrong at their end so I am at a complete loss.


I have absolutely no idea. Can anyone help me please?


I have reset absolutely everything as well including a factory reset. 





AndrewL Moderator
@JohnMac85: Very strange. What device did you switch from? What happens when you attempt to make a call - do you get any error messages?
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I actually switched from an s8 myself. Mine was knackered but my missus was/is in mint condish.


When attempting to dial out it just pauses on the "dialling" screen then after about 20 seconds just disconnects then quickly goes to emergency calls only for a few seconds before reconnecting to the network. 


It's so weird. 

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