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Sound cut out on S8 plus

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I am getting the problem where the sound is cutting out on my media for my Samsung S8 plus. I have see forums confirming the same issue. Samsung can you please advise on how to resolve this issue?

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Having the same issue since I got my S8+

Not the only serious software bug but the most serious for me. The most common thing I do is listen to audiobooks and I cant do that with this phone. 


Where I am there is statutory protection for a short time after purchasing where you can retirn a defective product and its nearly kver so I plan to get a refund from T mobile tomorrow or monday and go back to my note 4 until I can get a different phone. Dont want to risk being stuck with another botched samsung product this generation.

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Also having the same problem on the S8+. Although I've also had an issue where there was background noise that sounded like a jungle (birds tweeting etc) when media volume was turned up and also on calls. Restart sorted that, but the sound cutting out is annoying.

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I have exactly the same problem with a brand new Galaxy S8 Plus! I am always having cut off sound on Youtube videos, Games, etc.! This is really annoying and unaceptable in such a high level equipment like this and it demands a full Samsung oficial answer and quick solution!!


Attached my software version, I do not have any newer available in Portugal.



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Has anyone found a fix for this?

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Having the same problem here, didn't even have the phone a couple weeks and there was something burned into the screen. Now the top 1/3 of my screen doesn't work either! Love Samsung phones but fm this has to be the worst one yet! Nothing but hardware problem after problem! 'Audio fix' press down the screen above your speaker your sound comes on but not for long!! 

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