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Some applications on touchwiz home not showing in all apps

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I have a J5 2017 EU version running Android 7.0, and when I try to change my ringtone, I first get a list of available ringtones, and all the way at the bottom there is a possibility to add a ringtone by browsing the phone.

When I choose an mp3 or .mid file, I end up in the menu I was in before I got in the list with the ringtones.

Then when I enter again in the list of ringtones, the new ringtone isn't added to the list.

I have done this 5 times with different files (even a file I used for my old S5 as a ringtone), but nothing works.

Is it an Android 7 bug or is there some trick to it????

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Superuser I

Hi @Galactose



I too had some difficulties in choosing my own ringtone away from the baked in ones.  :(


Even if they were in my phone files and not the Sd card. 


I even tried androidtransfer to move ringtones from my mac directly into the phones files. 


These tones were also in the correct format too. 


Personally I ended up using Zedge. 

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