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Smartphones, Tablets & Wearables FAQs

AntS Moderator

Hi all! :smileyhappy:


Here's some links to guides on the UK Samsung website covering FAQs on Smartphones, Tablets & Wearables:





Accessories (such as DeX)


There's some very useful stuff on various Samsung mobile Apps here. (Samsung account; Samsung Pay; S Health; Samsung Flow; Smart Switch; Find My Mobile; Samsung Cloud; Bixby; Galaxy Apps; Samsung Gear etc.)


I'd love to add to these, so definitely appreciate any feedback from you guys. Let me know if any of them are inaccurate or outdated for you; any info that can be added; or if you’ve got any suggestions for new FAQs.  :smileyhappy:


Also, you'll be able to find the UK's overall product Support page here.


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