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SmartLog and S:Health Glucose sharing

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Can anyone help. I have smartlog on my phone and s:health. S:health says smartlog is a parner app and says it can share gluse data. However, whenever I select the option it does nto share it simple opens the smartlog app. Is there any way to get them to share data ?






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I found the same thing. I was uploading the info into smartlog via my laptop, and although I had the app on my mobile and all the data was showing up there, and everything was linked, nothing was showing up in the Samsung Health app. I then tried using an OTG cable (in fact just the small adapter that came with the 'phone to allow you to migrate your data from an old mobile) to hook the reader directly up to my mobile and import the data that way. By doing that the data import was 100% reliable (with the laptop - a macbook pro - the transfer would fail 50% of the time and need to be restarted), and as a bonus the glucose readings started to apper!

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