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Silent mode S8+ after update


Has anybody noticed silent mode doesnt work after the new update?...notifications still have sounds and pop up ads still have sounds on the videos.... cant sneakily use phone at work anymore.

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Hi @Johnmacca


To be honest I have not noticed this and will try my s8. 

It kind of negates the feature of Sound / Mute Silent Mode if sounds still come through. 

I know a person can change the preferences for their apps but it should just be a case of toggling silent on. 

Are you using Touvhwizz ie no launcher such as Nova prime. 

Also try putting your phone in Safe Mode which turns Off all your downloaded apps and leaves the stock core ones working which can then highlight if it's a rogue app causing this.



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Nope using stock touch wiz will try your other suggestion now.... thanks
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I'm getting same issue but also random vibrate notifications but no notification.


To boot my Google Home devices aren't being detected by my phone consistently now. 


I've got the S8 and changing launcher doesn't change the issue for me.


I need to do a fac wipe and see if it keeps happening.

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I have the same issue!

It's extremely annoying to have the notifications on full blast the whole time... 

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