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Setting up an Email facility on a Samsung J6?


This morning I woke early and I would have liked to send an Email. My normal process would have been to use my Desktop Computer.  I didn’t want to disturb the family who were still asleep by switching on my desktop computer so I had to wait until they woke up. 

I am new to Smart Phones and am on a steep learning curve so it’s no surprise that I was unable to work out how to set up the Email facility on my SP and I would ask for some guidance.

I need to know, “If I set up an Email capability on this SP using my existing Email address will it automatically accept every Email that would normally go to my desktop computer. I have a heavy Email contact list which I don't want to communicate with on a day to day process via my SP.  If it does I assume that I will need another Email address?


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Many thanks for such a clear set of instructions.

CarlH Moderator

Hi @BML. Based on the info you have given, I would suggest that you initially follow these steps: Go in to Settings > Cloud and accounts > Accounts > Add account. Then launch Email app > 3 Orange lines on top left > Gear icon > Select account > Sync account. If this doesn't help, try logging in to your email, through an internet browser and see if it recognises your password. If it does, then it is likely you have 2-Step Verification set up on the email account, which is why you can't get in through the Email App. Head over your email accounts own Security settings and either disable the 2-Step Verification or follow the email clients’ instructions, in order to verify the email account on your phone. If this doesn't work, you can also try going into Settings > Apps > Email > Storage > Clear cache/data, then try setting up your Email again. Hope this helps!


Many thanks for such a clear set of instructions.

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