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Setting up Samsung Messages in Galaxy Book 12 - Error, not registered?

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Hello all, 


I'm having a problem with Samsung Messages in Windows (I'm using Samsung Book 12) - when I open the app, it requests the mobile number and when I put my mobile number for my Note 8, it says "Your phone has not been registered. To use Samsung Messages, you must first register your phone with a service that supports Samsung Messages" - I don't quite get what I'm supposed to do and there seems to be almost no information about this. Would anyone be able to tell me how I can start using this app in Windows with Note 8?


Many thanks in advnce.

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Thought I would not get a reply, and I didn't. Shame I didn't get any response - but now I have sold GB12 - not quite sorted but I won't need support on this. Thanks!

ChrisM Moderator

Apologies for the lack of response on this, @Toshi. Thanks for the update.

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