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Setting a ringtone on Galaxy A3 2017

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How do I set a ring tone (MP3 file) as my ring tone on the Galaxy A3 2017? I've had mine a week, I've follwing the on-line instructions by they don't match what shows on my screen/  Their example shows the option "add ring tone" but my screen shows "add from phone".  I can find the file and select it but nothing happens.  I have connected the phone to lap top to try and move the MP3 file to the ring tone folder but there are loads of folders called ringtones - and none contain the ring tones available to choose from on my phone! Help!

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Superuser I

Are you downloading a ringtone from the internet. 


My suggestion is to use the Zedge App or navigate to Zedge using your browsers URL bar. 


Then when you've found a ringtone and download it the tone will automatically go to your phones tones folder to choose. 


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