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Secure folder, setting default payment app

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Hi, i have installed Barclays Mobile Banking app into Secure Folder and can't find a way of setting it to the default payment app in secure folder.


When I try setting it through the app, it says 'You are using this application outside of secure folder.'


Is there a way for me to manually set the default app in Secure Folder?


Phone is Galaxy S8+


Thanks, Phillip

AntS Moderator

Hi @Loza84.


Just to confirm, have you followed the below steps?



1) Move to Secure Folder menu : There is a menu ‘ Move to Secure Folder ‘ in Gallery, Contacts, My Files. Select the file to move and go to More > Move to Secure Folder

2) ‘Add files’ in Secure Folder : When launch Secure Folder, ‘Add Files’ menu is displayed on the top of main screen.

3) ‘Add apps’ in Secure Folder  When launch Secure Folder, ‘Add apps’ menu is displayed on the top of main screen. User can download app from Appstore or add apps from Personal area 


Also, it's worth bearing in mind that some apps may not be optimised for Secure Folder and so may not work properly inside it.


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