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Screen Mirroring


Thanks. Shall I just wait for a reply?

AntS Moderator

No worries. :smileyhappy:


And yep. I've copied in the other moderators, so if I don't get back to you they will.


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Just wondering if anything has been looked at yet regarding this problem. I haven't heard back from anyone yet. 

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Spike071.


We've given our friends in Support a nudge regarding this for you.


Hi. Still not heard anything back from the tech team. Tv had an update this morning but still getting the same problem. 


Hi, @Spike071


We are still waiting for a response from our Tech Team. 

Can you ensure that the software on your phone is up to date? Some variants of the S6 are starting to recieve Nougat so keep checking as it should be available soon. 



Just checked phone and it's still Android version 6.0.1



Hi. I'm still on the same operating system but haven't heard anything back from your tech team yet. 


Ok I have an update. My phone updated this morning. When I checked the mirror screen it came up "Smart view (mirror screen)". This happened whilst my Tv was switched off. When I turned my Tv on the option changed to "smart view" only. When I selected it I got the same response as I've had before. So it's not connecting. Could it be a problem with my Tv?


I'm sorry to trouble you again. I've still not heard anything from your tech team. I'm still having the same problem that my Tv and phone won't connect together and mirror screen. My phone is on android 6.0.1. 

If this can't be fixed is my Tv under warranty still?

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