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Schedule Send for Messages App

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Google recently incorporated a great feature to their email platform called, "Schedule send." This feature allows the user to send their message draft at a future specified date and time. Could the Messages App incorporate this in a future update? I'm not sure if the Messages App is a Samsung specific app or if it is a generic Android App. If it's an Android App, would someone mind re-iterating my suggestion to the appropriate authority?

AndrewL Moderator
@watsonjd337: I'm not sure if you meant to refer to the Messages app as this is for SMS/MMS messages and not emails, however there is a schedule option in the Messages app that might interest you. To access it, write a text as you would normally, tap the '+' sign to the left of the text field to open up more options, one of which is 'Schedule Message'. Tap this, select a date and time using the on-screen calendar and hit 'Done'. If this isn't applicable then please let me know, and I will pass your suggestion on to our R&D guys r.e. the Samsung Email app.

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@AndrewL, you're the best! It was already there; I just didn't have a clue. Thank you so much. This will be very helpful with how I send messages daily!
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