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Samsung support not very good


After waiting half an hour to get through and the only correspondence I got was please  wait a couple of minutes while I read through your details and that was the last I heard I asked a few questions like  hello is  and are you still there and got nothing this is the transcript













As this was a security concern I thought it would of been a priority but surly this sort customer service is not good as I have heard about people being ignored but not even answer basic questions I just can not understand why Samsung let employees getaway with this if I behaved in this manner I would be fired on the spot not only for wasting time but were I am treating customers in this manner is totally unacceptable 

The reason I had to put the message this way the transcript was edited as it was sent and was missing the AGENT TERMINATED THE connection proving that they were still there and ignoring me.

Just to add the three hours I was left to noodle on my guitar with phone in front of me it also took me an hour to get to that point filling in the forms and having to try a few times and then find the extra info they had asked me to contact them with 

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What I sometimes find @DRUIDDOODE is that online Live Chat Agents are speaking to more than one person at a time, and using support notes which can delay response times. That and sometimes things are lost in translation as English is not always the agents native language. 


That said I'm sure all agents allowed to respond have passed criteria to do so. 


I've found similar instances with our fruit based manufacturer too. 


Personally if I have to I try to call to a UK based number if i can or i visit my local Samsung Experience Store for help and support. 

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I've highlighted this to one of the Live Chat team managers to investigate at their end what happened here.  (The Info you gave there should be enough for that - so thank you.)


Are you able to edit your pic to remove your phone's serial number though please? 


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Hi @BandOfBrothers I understand things can go wrong,but this wasn't a case of that there are things I've had to leave out just in case I need feather in my cap, but trust me I was given that first message and then nothing else other than agent terminated connection if they had a problem they should of cut me off earlier, there is no excuse for not saying to customer I'm sorry I can't help you at the moment for whatever reason and then disconnect  

Did you see how long I was left thankfully I can play my guitar while I wait other people may be vulnerable and would of been left staring back at the screen for 3 hours

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