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Samsung s8

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I have the Samsung s8 it's on contract with EE. A couple of months ago I literally dropped it not even a meter from the ground and it smashed all 4 corners are smashed and a few lines going across the top of the screen. This phone is made with gorilla glass I don't understand. 

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Superuser I

It's made with Gorilla Glass 5 which will protect the phone but due to its infinity screen and curved edges those are weaker points of the phones display. 


Alas when any phone is dropped there is a chance of damage to the chassis and screen and back dependant on the height of the drop , velocity, the angle it hits the floor and what type of floor it hits. I.e. uneven and loose chips of stones etc. 


Personally because phones are slippery to grip I have a Samsung Film type screen protector protect the front. 


A dbrand Black Dragon Back Skin to protect the back. 


A Rhinoshield bumper that protects the chassis and protects it from a drop. 

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