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Hi all my bank app made changes recently and as a result conflicted with Samsung pay so as I was getting bombarded with Samsung say notifications I tried to set it up but I can only get to the page were wmtwapt prompted enter a pin for the first time or use fingerprint but either way I end up on the enter pin page with the Knox logo in bottom right 

The problem is the key pad won't let me enter any numbers on response whatsoever but my device works fine everywhere else including typing this message 

I've tried tuning off notifications to stop the activation prompts but that is no use I need a way to pay for some things with  my device for one Samsung changed the way you say for themes you now have to register a credit card debit cards are on longer accepted also the option to use pay pal won't work either I get an error code at the end

I have tried quite a few times just to be sure I'm doing it correctly and purposely doing it incorrectly just to make sure but still no luck 

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated 

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