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Samsung music app does not show any songs

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I bought a new Samsung Galaxy M30s recently. I downloaded the 'Samsung Music' app and downloaded 2 songs from Chrome browser. I moved those songs to Music folder in Internal storage. But when I open Samsumg Music, the songs are not shown in the app. The app couldn't recognise those songs. What should I do to use Samsung Music app and play those songs? Please help.


Phone: Samsung Galaxy M30s

Android version: 9.0

Screenshot_20200116-201552_Samsung Music.jpg



Music apps have to know

- where to find the music

- when new music has been added

One would assume that the default behaviour would be to automatically scan the complete storage.

If that doesn't work after a fair amount of time :

- do you see the files in the "My Files" App ?

- do other music players, e.g. Google Music, PowerAmp, Neutron, see the files ?

- can you tell the Samsung Music App where to look for the files ?

- can you tell the Samsung Music App to do a rescan ?

- you can delete thecache of the app

- you can uninstall and reinstall the app

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