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Samsung galaxy s4 battery drainage

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Hi can someone please help me I have had 2 Samsung s4s and I have problems with battery draining very quick there us no way it would last me a day I've tried loads of things could someone give me any advice please how to stop my battery draining all the time I took it to a phone shop they checked the charging and that said it was OK so I'm baffled thanks 

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Not knowing what you've tried thus far @je8 I'll suggest what I would look at and try if I may.


  1. Look at the Battery In Settings to see if a particular app is causing this. Chrome and Facebook Apps are resource hogs. 
  2. Take into account a battery does not have an infinite amount of cycles so will degrade over time. Try another genuine Samsung battery. 
  3. Callibrate the battery by draining it to 10% and then fully charge to 100%. 
  4. Check my Apps permissions especially location based ones. Weather apps and email apps set to fetch can use battery more. 
  5. Choose a dark wallpaper and theme. 
  6. Turn down my brightness and not use Auto Brightness. 
  7. Clear the systems cache. 
  8. Back up and factory reset.
  9. Ask a Samsung Service Location to run a diagnostic. 

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