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Samsung galaxy note 7 refund No help from Samsung


Hi, Despite all efforts n more then 70 calls in past 4 months Samsung still not refund my money, even today I contacted them bt more excuses n lie from Samsung. Samsung is company with dishonesty , lack of customers safety n care, pls anyone think twice before buying Samsung products in future, I still got Samsung phone ,Samsung gear,Samsung vr ,Samsung tv n Samsung fridge n Samsung ovens. Am getting rid off all this as soon as possible, Samsung complaint department n customer service n support is simply worst in the world. I can prove that even in court. I ask here for help bt no luck as well. Samsung working practice in uk full of lie n deception. God save rest from this crooks


Hi, I had Samsung galaxy note 7 which I tried to returned to Samsung n I thought it is siple n easy process because Samsung is big company bt first time I contacted Samsung regarding returning device n they told me what to do n I did same as reqested,bt after days passed by no email or call as promised by Samsung customer service representative, coz I had faulty device at my home I was scared n like to returned to Samsung as soon as possible, so I called them again n they gave me another time n date n another excuses by different customer service representative, bt despite all promises nothing happening,I have to call Samsung customer service again n again n they deliberately lying to me evry time, even I offer them if u like me to deliver ur service centre phone am happy to deliver that. Bt they said due to Samsung safety they don't accept !!! Bt they happy that customer can keep this faulty note 7  coz anything happens to happens customer...Samsung don't care about customers safety or care about customers, Samsung customer service n complaint department is not functional,they just simply ignoring customers n giving false excuses, between 11th October 2016 n 6th January 2017 I called more then 60 times to Samsung just to collect device n all that time they gave me misleading false excuses n reply, I was due to that faulty device at home in stress n depress, they ruined my Christmas n New Year, after all this hassle they finally collected my note 7 on 6th January 2017 after three months, Samsung promises me that time that the day we collect device within three working days ur money refund will b in ur account bt Samsung is Samsung full off false promises n excuses n processors.. now today 23rd January 2017 ( Samsung three working days payment promises) nbt no sign of my money or else ? Now despite lots complaint to complaint department nearly 4 months no reply from them aswell. How come such a big company operating in middle of western Europe n not following rules or no morals or no customer care or safety? They treating customers like third world countries. Pls any one can help me out what to do next ? Coz Samsung not listening to their loyal customers. Pls help me to resolve this. Am allowed to take Samsung in court ? What's the processors? I got proof off all my calls to Samsung. So pls help me. N help Samsung to sort their complaint department n customer service before too late. Thanks

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Evening @Samrtphone we would love to help get this resolved. We would recommend contacting us using one of these methods, quoting your reference number >


If you reply here once you've got in touch (try email or Social Media) we will follow-up on your behalf. We hope to hear from you soon! 


I already email now last time. I have done many more time in last four months, Samsung lost trust , Am 100% sure Samsung don't care about customers safety n value. Misleading information n with lie n false promises r Samsung represents, am sure am not the only one who thinks so. Customer service representative evry one says they r higher position in Samsung n what ever they says is final, Samsung complaint department not exist,they dont reply email or post complaint or phone call. What a joke!!! just leave people in peace n pls do ur buisness out of this beautiful country.
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We're sad to hear of this and would really like to try and help get this sorted for you, @Samrtphone. If you can send one of our moderators, @AntS@JessL or @KellyM,  a private message with your name, phone number and any references you have, we can look into what has happened and see what we can do to move forward from this. 



Small ckaims court or trading standards.


Hi. Since last four months I contacted Samsung for more then 70 times bt still no sign of any refund. Even I complaint here more then two weeks ago bt still no help from here or from Samsung. They keep promising me that I can receive my refund in two to three working days bt that day never comes. Every time they coming with different excuses n false promises. They all lied to me n still lying even on email or phone conversations. Samsung deliberately misleading customers n giving false promises. Pls help me if u can. Am very little hope from Samsung coz they don't care about customers. 


We've replied to you in private, Samrtphone. 


Be sure to pick up with us there if you need further assistance.

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hi, do you still have the samsung galaxy note 7. i know this may be a little late to ask but I was curious if you still had it, i wouldnt mind buying it from you. thanks

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