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Samsung galaxy J5


I want to upgrade my phone I have a Samsung galaxy 2017 J5 MOBILE phone 

What is the next phone up to that.I am very used to this phone and are all samsung phones generic. Many thanks Brendan 

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Superuser I

Choices of phone models is a preference and depends on what a person wants out of them. 


Then it's dependant on what is available via a contract upgrade , handset upfront fee or outright purchase dependant on disposable income. 


My suggestion is to visit a Samsung High street experience store or your network stirevthat has working retail models and play around with them. 


YouTube reviews,  opinions and unboxings may help. 



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Hey @1wexford! Are you after another J-range phone? If so, the Galaxy J6 is available. For more information please head to: I'd also recommend checking out our website for the models that match your specifications: Please let me know how you get on! 

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