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Samsung cloud backup fail


I can't backup music files to cloud storage. Is this a common issue? Is there a solution please?

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Superuser I

Hi @Elv1503


To be honest as I only have a couple of albums on my s8 I normally have Music unchecked in my Back-Up options to Samsung Cloud. 


I mainly use an iPod Nano 7th Gen for listening to music


However to check if I’m having the same issue I checked Music and performed a Back-Up. 


It took a while to initially prepare but then said “ can’t back up data


I ran it again twice and it still was the same.  :(


Tried on Network Mobile Data i.e 4G and on my Home Broadband WiFi as some parts of the Back-Up have to be completed on WiFi 


You could send a feedback report to Samsung. 


Other options to another online vault could be an interim option. 







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