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Samsung Upgrade Program


The previous thread discussing the inability of 2018 upgrade program members to actually upgrade seems to have been accidentally deleted. Perhaps we could discuss this here?


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Disappointed to see the other thread has disappeared, it clearly highlighted that there are lots of people this issue affects and there's no word so far from Samsung looking to address it; or if they're even aware of it.

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Here's hoping that it will be fixed by tomorrow and there is still some stock left of the phones and if not I'll be selling my s9 plus and pre ordering it else where. Also I noticed it wont let me trade in my s9 plus towards a S10 but only towards a S10 Plus which seems a but dodgy to me as the s9 plus gives 350 trade in value for the s10 plus.

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Makes me wonder if I can only upgrade to the s10 plus and that the models you get to select from will be limited.
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I was actually following it from the start and literally a couple minutes ago and just refreshed the page and it had disappeared. How suspicious.
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I was too. Seems like they didn't like people complaining about it.

Well let's keep this thread as civil as possible while still highlighting the issue.


Lol so support don't like the fact that everyone is annoyed by this upgrade farce so they just delete the thread!!!!!

Samsung need to get some training on customer service because they quite clearly have zero knowledge in this particular area. I'd sell my phone on one of the phone buying sites which are advertising £360 for an S9+ which is more than I owe but the problem is I have no idea what other phone I'd go for. I don't really want to go the iphone route but it is becoming more and more tempting I must admit. If this fiasco isn't resolved by this evening I think I might just be persuded to go that way though. :-(

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Doesn't sound good:
From chat.

Since you are a member of Samsung Upgrade Programme, the earbuds is not available for those who opted in for Upgrade Programme. Earbuds is only available if you purchase the device directly.

Upgrade program appears worthless for me.


On the upgrade lounge area before hitting the issue of the next page not loading there is a splash screen suggesting that we should be able to get the Ear Buds.Capture.PNG

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