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Samsung UK updates


Samsung are a joke!! So I have a galaxy note 8 unlocked and unbranded that I paid nearly £900


I'm STILL on August security patch!!!


And now I see that other countries have had 2 updates in the space of a week!!!! 


UK branded carrier models have even had the first November security patch but not unbranded (BTU/XEU) 


This is beyond frustrating that a phone I bought outright is still lagging behind on up to date security patches then everyone else on contract phones they got for free are up to date!!!! 


Total joke Samsung!! I won' be getting a samsung again that's for sure!! 

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Same ***** with the S8. Not cool at all

Did a reset yesterday,  found security patch was 1st December Screenshot_Settings_20171215-111053.jpg



Surprising you had to do a reset??

Did you get any update?


Can see you have a S8+ XEU. According to Sammobile last update released to that one 20th July...


Note8 Dual Sim and nothing since August.

Very strange but the fact that most note 8 have had two updates within the last week and then my unbranded still has nothing!!! It's a joke!!!

Doing a reset won't just put your security patch to December you must of had an update!

I've checked on sammobile but it seems a little slow at updating there database.



This is my response from samsung



the reset wasn’t related to updates, I had security concerns with the phone.

im currently running the beta Oreo update, this may explain the security patch update

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