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Samsung Support and lack of help

Thanks. Tomorrow morning my first priority is to file case against Samsung in small claims court.
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Agree mate poor service as I stated in my post samsung are having a laugh with us all and I waited nearly 4 wks for my phone to come back in a box without any packing to protect my phone hence it came back in a worse state......think apple will be getting my business next time round.

Samsung excels at product design and manufacture but is wholly let down by customer service sadly. A massive company like Samsung should invest heavily in getting this corrected. They will charge a premium for many of their products and for that you expect to be looked after if things go wrong.


There are probably very few Apple fans in this community (don't include me either!) but Samsung's biggest competitor get's one thing right (I am often told) and that's good after sales customer service. 


Hi All

Very late update so I apologise!

Basically, because of the mods on here, specifically Emma, I had my Galaxy S7 returned within a couple of weeks. However I have yet to receive my refund from last year... Samsung are claiming the company that picked up my Galaxy note 7, actually didn't pick it up and they have no record of ever having done so.

Samsung are refusing a refund until they get confirmation. They have the phone, surely it'd be IMEI logged as being with Samsung wouldn't it?

I also dropped my Galaxy S7 (first ever smashed phone screen) :(. It fell out of my pocket as I bent down and cracked the bottom left of the screen. I dread even attempting to go to the Manchester service centre to pay for repair. Imagine paying £199.99 and waiting weeks and weeks lol.

Hope you guys get your issues sorted out quickly!


Leevi J
Also, the Small Claims Court idea is actually pretty good. They've had my Note since October and I still haven't had a refund. No offer of compensation or anything. I'm excited for the Galaxy S8 bit also extremely apprehensive of ever having to deal with these people again.

I don't get how Samsung Exec are trying to say I didn't send the phone? The phone was collected, I told them which company did so and gave the IMEI and serial to prove it.
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Hi @LeeviJ


If you'd like one of us moderators to have a look into this for you, can you send one of us a PM with your customer reference number, email address and contact phone number? 


I'm here until 17:30 today (and will be back tomorrow evening). JessL will be covering tonight until 21:00. 



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Go to the press with this! I'm sure Samsung will sit up and take notice when all of these complaints -and others from elsewhere, if the press look hard enough I'm sure they'll find more! - on the TV, Radio and newspapers!


This community thing is a joke. Thinks its a way for samsung to get people to complain in an area in which they can control and tell us lies and and company line with out the press and others finding out there issues. Right to cnet or tech radar as well as taking up with any trading standard officials u can.

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