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Samsung S8

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My S8 doesn't work at all. It powers up and let's me use a few apps but can't reply to messages, can't use the camera, can't use the music player, can't view files or photos. The phones optimisation is permanently like it's at 65% and gets no further. It reboots itself about 6 times a day and I have to har d re-set it about twice a day. It's been this way since About December. I've now had it 6 months and Samsung ignore all my emails and O2 tell me to contact Samsung. To anyone reading This, your Samsung is a piece of *****, do yourself a favour, throw it in the bin and go buy anything else. Literally anything else. Samsung support is dreadful!


Take it to a Samsung Repair Shop. Let them sort it out.

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Yeah, my nearest one is South London!! Samsung should just give me a new phone as this one is clearly *****.

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