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Hi there, please tell me what to do in order to have no possibility to make a call if the screen is locked? 


When the screen is locked, the SideBar is available (so I can make calls) and also the Notification bar (so I can access Settins).


Please tell me how can I block them too?




Hello there, there are a couple of questions that I need to ask you before I can give you a correct answer. 

First of all, what type of unlock security are you using? Is it a swipe or figreprint etc.?

Also, if you have any passcode the feature of Calling should be automatically configured to make only Emergency Calls available. However, with no security at all, the feature would be available (therefore able to make phone calls to any contact).


If you want to have no security at all (Swipe to Unlock) then you can remove the Phone App Shortcut by going to Settings then Lock Screen and Security and finally scroll down until you find App Shortcuts. And then from there you can change whatever you want.


Waiting to hear from you
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